STAEDTLER Noris Digital Jumbo 180J 22. EMR Stylus with Soft Digital Eraser. for Digital Writing, Drawing and Erasing on EMR Equipped displays, Yellow-Black (Check The Compatibility List)


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STAEDTLER Noris digital jumbo 180J 22 – Stylus for digital writing, drawing and erasing on EMR equipped displays The Noris digital jumbo allows you to write, draw and erase straight onto your touchscreen tablets, smartphones and notebooks if they are equipped with EMR technology. The stylus combines the look and feel of a traditional pencil with the technology of WACOM, offering you the advantages of both. The Noris digital is compatible with a variety of smartphones, tablets and notebooks with EMR technology. Please refer to the PDF “Application Guide (PDF)” which you can find under “Product guides and documents”. Product features: EMR technology of WACOM (electromagnetic resonance) Comfortable thick triangular shape which is particularly suitable for childrens hands and is also comfortable for adults, and allows you to write without your hand getting tired Non-slip soft surface 4,096 pressure levels Palm Rejection Adjustable line width depending on the pressure when writing/drawing Precise, replaceable 0.7 mm pencil point No batteries needed No pairing or driver installation Dimensions: Approximately 140 x 9.1 mm Weight: Approximately 10 g WOPEX wood-based material Made In Germany Scope of delivery: One STAEDTLER Noris digital jumbo Stylus with a soft digital eraser, five spare nibs and a replacement tool; Noris digital is not compatible with Apple devices; Note:-It is important to check if the end device has an EMR digitizer in the display before purchasing to make sure the Noris digital will work on the end device

* Stylus in an ergonomic triangular jumbo pencil shape which provides a very natural writing and drawing experience on all compatible devices with EMR Technology
* No empty batteries or annoying cables: The stylus does not need a battery and so never needs to be charged; it does not need to be paired with your device or require a driver to be installed
* IMPORTANT: Please check the compatible devices listed in the PDF “Application Guide” which you can find under the product guides and documents; Noris digital is not compatible with Apple devices
* Palm Rejection: Thanks to the enhanced EMR technology just the tip of the pencil is recognized and the palm of your hand will be ignored
* 4,096 pressure levels: The line width is adjustable depending on the pressure when writing/drawing

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