USA Prepaid Sim Card 30 Days, 5GB High-Speed Mobile Data, Unlimited Data/Talk/Text, Quick Activation, International Calling to Canada & 80 More Countries, Reloadable, Jethro Mobile (1 Month)

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Previous page ABOUT US Jethro Mobile is a Canadian based company with a desire to provide our fellow Canadians with affordable and reliable cell phone service while traveling in the US. We provide prepaid US sim cards that are simple and easy to set up on the largest US 5G network. We are Proudly Canadian. Phone Plans Visit the store Next page

* UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT & DATA including 5GB of high-speed (5G/4G LTE) each month (30 days). After the allocated high-speed data runs out data speed will reduce to 2G. 4G Mobile hotspot available.
* RELIABLE COVERAGE in America including Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (Alaska not included) using the T-Mobile network.
* INTERNATIONAL CALLING to Canada, Mexico and 80 more countries at no additional cost. Calls must originate from the US.
* QUICK ACTIVATION online or by phone. You will receive a local US number within minutes. Activations can be scheduled in advanced up to 60 days.
* RELOADABLE for multiple usage. Numbers will be kept in our system for 88 days after your plan expires. Renew or add credit before the 88 days to keep your sim card and number for future US travel. Renewals can be scheduled up to 30 days in advanced for convenience.
* 3-in-1 SIZE SIM CARD (Standard/Micro/Nano) will work with any unlocked, 5G or 4G VoLTE compatible phone including iPhones and Androids.
* PLEASE NOTE: Service will only work while in the States. We recommend checking phone compatibility on the Jethro Mobile website before use.

Brand: ‎Jethro Trading Ltd.