TONEOF Tripod, Cell Phone Selfie Stick, 60 Inch All-in-1 Stand with Integrated Wireless Remote, Lightweight and Portable, Extendable Tripod for 4-7 Inch iPhone and Android


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This stand is not only a portable mobile phone tripod, but also a fully retractable handheld selfie stick. Selfie stick tripod with remote has a small volume design that can be easily put into a backpack, allowing you to carry it with you when you travel, and always record your best self.

* [All-in-1 Phone Tripod Stand] The phone holder is the ideal fusion of a tripod and a selfie stick. It includes built-in foldable legs and a fully telescoping handle. The three legs of the phone tripod will extend when the button at the bottom is pressed, allowing it to be utilized as a stand tripod. The telescopic pole can function as both a desktop tripod and a pole by altering its height. The multi-purpose phone tripod is ideal for using face time, shooting pictures, and other functions.
* [Telescopic Pole] The phone tripod stand is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, strong, and long-lasting due to its aluminum alloy composition. The height can be adjusted from 11.4 inches to 60 inches (11.4inches when completely folded and adjusted in 9 stages), giving you the ability to shoot from heights that other phone tripod mounts cannot, capturing a wider field of view and meeting your needs on various occasions.
* [Reinforced Base] Simply press the button on the bottom to release the tripod for iPhones three legs. A silicone non-slip foot pad reinforces the base of the newly improved cellphone tripod, making it more sturdy after unfolding and difficult to shake. To prevent tipping while using the phone in tripod mode, it must be positioned in the middle of the sliding track, which corresponds to the tripods center of gravity.
* [Chargeable Remote Shutter] The phone tripod is compatible with iOS and Android, supports shooting up to 10 meters away, has a built-in rechargeable wireless remote control, instantly establishes pairing, and is very easy to use. When not in use, the remote control can be inserted into a dedicated slot on the handle of the selfie stick for iPhone to keep it from getting misplaced. The tripod phone holder has a mount range of around 2.28 to 3.46 inches, making it appropriate for phones ranging in size from 4 to 7 inches.
* [Portable and Rotatable] The tripod features a small size and the ability to be transported without taking up much room. The stand with remote allows for easy angle adjustment and can rotate the phone screen both horizontally and vertically. To take the greatest pictures, quickly select the camera mode at any angle. It is incredibly flexible and practical to be able to shift the phone mount left and right when using the selfie stick with remote.

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