Square Reader (2nd Generation)


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Square Reader (2nd Generation)

* Accept contactless, chip and PIN, Apple Pay and Google Pay from anywhere. Now with enhanced security, improved connectivity and a longer battery life.
* Pay just 2.65% per chip and PIN or tap for all major credit cards and 0.75% + 7 cents for INTERAC debit. No long-term contracts, no monthly fees.
* Connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth to take payments on the go or at your counter.
* Use the free, easy-to-use, and customizable Point of Sale app or get started with Square for Retail, Square Appointments or Square for Restaurants plan (with free and premium options).
* Get funds in your bank account in one to two business days, or instantly for a small fee.
* New features, same secure payments. The Square Reader for contactless and chip (2nd generation) has enhanced connectivity and stays paired to your device.

Brand: Square