Otlonpe Stylus Pen for iPad, Palm Rejection iPad Pencil Touch Control iPad Pen Replacement for Apple Pencil for 2018-2023 iPad 6/7/8/9/10th,Pro 11”/12.9” 3/4/5/6th,Air 3/4/5th,Mini 5/6th Generation


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ipad pen Stylus Pen for iPad 2018-2023 ipads iPad 6th/7th/8th/9th/10th Generation iPad Pro 12.9 3th/4th/5th/6th Generation iPad Pro 11 1st/2nd/3th/4th Generation iPad Air 3th/4th/5th Generation iPad Mini 5th/6th Generation Stylus Pen Doesnt Work for iPad Before 2018 DOESNT work with iPad 1/2/3/4/5th Generation, iPad Pro 9.7 and 10.5, iPad Pro 12.9 1st/2nd Gen, iPad Air 1st/2nd Generation, iPad Mini 1/2/3/4th Generation iPhones Smartphones other android and microsoft devices Comfortable writing/drawing, as natural as on paper Previous page Next page 1 Tilt for Drawing 2 Magnetic Adsorption 3 Smart Touch Paring 4 Long Battery Life 5 Superb Applicability Charging Port Protection Integral silicone plug prevents loss, continuously protects the charging port of the ipad pen, prevents scratches and dust Durable iPad Pencil Barrel Made of aluminum alloy material, which greatly improves the toughness of the pen tube, does not break and deform, and improves the comfort of use Precise and Smooth No lag/offset/breaking point!Compared with the ordinary ipad stylus pen, it has higher sensitivity. Not easy to break! Replaceable Nibs Additional 2 replaceable nibs triple the lifespan. If you have original apple pencil 2nd generation, you can also use our nib to replace it Question 1: What Devices and models are Otlonpe iPad Pencil Compatible with? Answer: iPad 6th/7th/8th/9th/10th Generation: A1893/ A1954/ A2197/ A2199/ A2200/ A2198/ A2270/ A2428/ A2429/ A2430/ A2602/ A2603/ A2604/ A2605/ A2757/ A2777/ A2696; iPad Pro 12.9 3th/4th/5th/6th Generation: A1876/ A2014/ A1895/ A1983/ A2229/ A2069/ A2232/ A2233/ A2378/ A2461/ A2379/ A2462/ A2764/ A2437/ A2766/ A2436; iPad Pro 11 1st/2nd/3/4th Generation: A1980/ A2013/ A1934/ A1979/ A2228/ A2068/ A2230/ A2231/ A2377/ A2459/ A2301/ A2460/ A2759/ A2435/ A2761/ A2762; iPad Air 3th/4th/5th Generation: A2152/ A2123/ A2153/ A2154/ A2316/ A2324/ A2325/ A2072/ A2588/ A2589/ A2591; iPad Mini 5th/6th Generation: A2133/ A2124/ A2126/ A2125/ A2567/ A2568/ A2569 Question 2: What Devices and Models are Otlonpe iPad Pen NOT Compatible with? Answer: iPad 1th/2th/3th/4th/5th Generation: A1219/ A1337/ A1395/ A1396/ A1397/ A1416/ A1430/ A1403/ A1458/ A1459/ A1460/ A1822/ A1823; iPad Pro 9.7 and Pro 10.5: A1673/ A1674/ A1675/ A1701/ A1709 / A1852; iPad Pro 12.9 1st/2nd Generation: A1584/ A1652/ A1670/ A1671/ A1821; iPad Air 1st/2nd Generation: A1474/ A1475/ A1476/ A1566/ A1567; iPad Mini 1th/2th/3th/4th Generation: A1432/ A1454/ A1455/ A1489/ A1490/ A1491/ A1599/ A1600/ A1538/ A1550; Other Devices: iPhones, smartphones, android & microsoft devices and ipad before 2018. Question 3: How to Pair? Answer: No bluetooth, just touble click our stylus pen and wait for 1s. If your ipad had been paired with other bluetooth apple pencil, you will need to turn off your ipads bluetooth OR disconnect ipad bluetooth from other apple pen Kind Tips: 1. The magnetic adsorption function without wireless charging, and only supports iPad Air 3th/4th/5th, iPad Pro 11/12.9 3th/4th/5th/6th, iPad min 5th/6th Gen; 2. Tilt function without pressure sensitivity; 3. Otlonpe service team can solve all the breakdown problems you meet within 12 hours

* 【Replacement for Apple Pen】Designed for 2018-2023 iPad 6/7/8/9/10th, Air 3/4/5th, Pro 11, Pro 12.9 3/4/5/6th, Mini 5/6th Gen.🚫DOESNT work for iPad pro 12.9 1st & 2nd/Pro 10.5″/Pro 9.7, iPad 1/2/3/4/5th Gen, Mini 1/2/3/4th, Air 1st/2nd, Phones, Android & Microsoft devices.
* 【Precise and Smooth】1.5mm ipad stylus tips replace your finger to execute finer instructions, no lag/offset/breaking point! Compared with other ipad pencils, it has higher sensitivity, more accurate signal, and more comfortable to hold. Great a option replacement for original apple pencil 2nd generation & apple pencil 1st generation.
* 【Palm Rejection Design】iPad stylus pen provides a natural writing feeling and quick & effortless interaction with your screen which is very comfortable to control. You can put hands on the screen naturally, just like using pencil and paper but faster and more efficient.
* 【Tilt & Magnetic Absorption】Making drawing, doodling, writing, taking notes more easy than other third-party apple pencils, it will draw lines of different thickness according to the angle you tilt. Adsorption function makes the ipad pencil stylus easy to carry and store with your ipad, which supports magnetic adsorption.
* 【Smart Touch Control & Long Battery Life】Faster and more convenient than bluetooth connection, double click on the pencil cap can turn on or off the ipad pencil without delay. 1.5h charging for more than 8h using time and configure the 5-minute automatic shutdown mode.

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