7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit, Keyboard Cleaner Kit, Cleaning Pen for Airpods Pro, Multifunctional Cleaning Kits Fit for Keyboards, Cell Phones, Laptop, PC Monitor, Camera (Blue)


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MULTIFUNCTIONAL CLEANING KITS Previous page Lithven Electronic Cleaner Kit 20 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit 11 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit 7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit 7 in 1 Electronic Cleaner Kit We are a small company specializing in electronic cleaner kits, dedicated to ensuring that your office tools and electronic devices remain clean, dust-free, and free from contamination. We strive for excellence in quality and user experience, nurturing your devices through a gentle cleaning process that keeps your usage experience consistently fresh and comfortable. Choosing us means choosing high quality and care for your electronic products. Take easy Next page

* 【Multifunctional Cleaner Kit】7 in 1 electronic cleaner kit includes various tools: high-density soft brush, cleaning pen for Airpods with silicone nip, mini brush and flocking sponge brush; cleaning spray bottle(no cleaning liquid ), fiber fleece swipe and keycap buckle. The tools can clean headphones, keyboards, cell phones, laptops,PC monitors, etc.
* 【3 in 1 Cleaning Pen】 The foldable cleaning pen is wonderful for cleaning bluetooth headphones. Silicone nip can clean dust and dirt hidden between cracks and holes,mini brush can clean the surface of the headphone mesh, flocking sponge brush is used for cleaning the charging case and dirt which is not convenient to clean. Use it to make you get clean headphones fast.
* 【Fiber Fleece Swipe & Spray Bottle】 The spray bottle(no cleaning liquid) and fiber fleece swipe can easily remove dirt and fingerprints on phones, laptops, cameras and TV monitors. Fill cleaning liquid into the spray bottle then spray an appropriate amount of liquid on the screen, use the fiber fleece swipe can clean the screen efficiently.
* 【High Density Retractable Brush & Keycap Buckle 】 High-density brush has dense and moderately soft bristles, especially suited for cleaning dust in keyboards and monitor crevices. The keycap buckle can remove the keys for deeper cleaning(note: the keycap buckle only fits mechanical keyboards).
* 【Convenient to Carry 】laptop cleaner tool is smaller than your palm and you can take it anywhere. 7 in 1 cleaning tools can meet your various requirements, its good kit for work and study. One year warranty and 24 hour customer service, any issues please contact us immediately, we will help to solve them immediately.

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