【2 Pack】Screen Protector iPad 10th Generation, ZOEGAA Paper Screen Protector for iPad 10.9 10th Generation 2022 (A2696/A2757/A2777), Matte Surface PET Film for Write and Draw Like on Paper


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For iPad 10th Generation Screen Protector Were here to help Our support team is always ready to assist if you need a real human to help out ZOEGAA iPad screen protector 10th generation created this product because he wanted to work paperless. Two successful ZOEGAA later, ZOEGAA Paper now supports thousands of creatives and professionals just like you! We’ll show you the best way to install and care for your Paper. Step-by-step instructions and videos with everything you need to know are included in your purchase. Our online community is chock-full of resources to help you improve your digital art and notetaking skills. ZOEGAA Write and Draw Like on Paper. ZOEGAA Paper helps you get the most out of your technology by bringing a paper feeling to your iPad display. Since 2017, Paper has made it easier for notetakers and artists to write and draw on their iPad.our matte screen protector emulates the friction and resistance of paper so that every stroke with the apple pencil feels smooth and natural. Previous page Professional artists use paper to improve precision and detail when drawing and writing. College students and business professionals use paper to take notes with unparalleled precision. Unlike other protectors, the paper never disrupts the experience of watching Netflix or YouTube. Next page 1 For Creators 2 For doers 3 Enioy Experience the difference in Paper New material composite Our new material composite has improved the distribution of our Nanodots technology, resulting in a Paper model that is roughly 33% thinner than most screen protectors on the market. Experience improved picture clarity with the same stroke resistance and sensory feedback you’ve come to love. Powered by Nanodots Nanodots are evenly distributed across our screen protector to create friction and vibration without compromising image quality. Your Paper with Nanodots is scratch and fingerprint resistant and has anti-glare protection. With Nanodots, you’ll experience precision in every pencil stroke. Unleash your creativity. Write it right – every time. Feeling Like on Paper Size 10 inch Compatible with iPad 10 (10.9-Inch, 2022 Model, 10th Generation) Packaging includes (2x) Paper Screen Protector ipad 10, (2x) Application Set (Cleaning Wipe, Guide Stickers, Help Stickers, Dust Absorber, Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloth) Surface Technology Paper Nanodots Surface – Perfect Paper-Feel without compromising image quality. How can I avoid or remove bubbles when applying Paper? Trapped air can be removed by using the flat edge of a credit card to push the air pocket to the edge of the device. For best results when applying your Paper, be sure to follow the steps in our tutorial video which comes with your purchase. Can I use Paper on top of my glass screen protector? By placing your Paper on top of another screen protector, you could potentially see reduced responsiveness when touching your screen or working with your Apple Pencil. How can I clean my Paper? The best way to clean your Paper is with our all-in-one Cleaning Kit. If you dont have that nearby, you can also use some dishwashing liquid and a damp cloth, alcohol-based wipes and a lens cleaning solution. How do I avoid scratches when using the Apple Pencil? Your Paper is designed to withstand friction from the Apple Pencil. If you’ve noticed scratches on your Paper, your Apple Pencil tip may need to be replaced. If you see a small, black dot at the end of your nib, it’s time to replace the tip! How do I get the initial Paper roughness back? To extend the life and usability of your Paper, be sure to clean it regularly, e.g. with our all-in-one Cleaning Kit. This will reduce the accumulation of oils and dust and restore the rough, textured feel of the product.

* 【ZOEGAA Factory】:The ZOEGAA factory is headquartered in Guangdong Province, China and was established in 2010. ZOEGAA factory has been focusing on the research and production of optical films for 13 years, possessing many international patents such as screen protector filtration membranes and international trademarks. If you are interested, welcome to visit our ZOEGAA factory.
* 【Compatible With Screen Protector iPad 10th Generation】:Paper screen protector for iPad 10th Generation 10.9 inch 2022 Release (model number: A2696 / A2757 / A2777); Please check the model number at the back of your iPad before purchase (NOT compatible with any other iPad models).
* 【Feels Like Writing On Paper】:Paper screen protector ipad 10th generation through special processing, we achieve the comfort of drawings, Every touch is very real, like paper “rustle” such as drawing, writing, or sketching. Turn glass to paper, the Paper film is ultra-thin, and it maintains the same touch sensitivity as same as your new ipad 10th generation screen protector, making drawing notes more beautiful.
* 【Take notes with Ease】:Screen protector ipad 10th generation creates a feeling close to that of paper, restoring a true paper feel, making note-taking, writing, and drawing a breeze. and it has high touch response which minimizes pen slippage making drawing lines easier.
* 【Unleash better creativity】:Professional artists and designers use our paper screen protector ipad 10th generation to improve precision and detail when drawing, writing, and painting on their ipad; our ipad 10th generation screen protector brings the natural feel and resistance of paper to your tab display for long drawing sessions, smooth lines, and perfect accuracy.
* 【Touch Sensitivity】:Screen protector ipad 10th generation made of high quality PET film, provides you with a natural and authentic feel. Writing on the screen with a stylus is like writing on paper, very smooth and responsive.
* 【Anti-glare】:Screen protector ipad 10th generation provides a clear screen view. Easily use your tablet to paint outdoors without dazzling your eyes and reducing eye strain.